HomeQwik’s Monthly Resident Benefits Package

HomeQwik Resident Benefits Package includes the following:

24/7 Resident Portal. Benefit: You have 24/7 access to your Resident Portal to submit maintenance requests, pay online, auto-draft as well as have access to electronic documents.

 Free Online Payment via E-Check. Benefit: Through your online Tenant Portal, all e-check payments are free of charge. The third-party processing company charges HomeQwik Property Management fees to offer online payments, but through this agreement, there will be no additional cost to the resident. The tenant portal even allows for automatic payments that you have total control over, making remembering and paying rent that much easier! 

Credit Reporting. Benefit: You are provided with credit reporting to cast positive payment history through a third-party service, which will help boost your credit score with timely rent payments.

 Documents Storage. Benefit: Ever needed to give your lease to the utility company to prove your residency? We’re sure you probably have! We make it easy to find your lease and other documents by storing them in your secure, online Tenant Portal. 

 24/7 Maintenance Hotline with Live Phone Support. Benefit: We answer our phones live 24/7/365 for emergency maintenance concerns. Simply call our main phone number (602-792-5353).

Asset Protection Plan. Benefit:  Coverage that protects you for being financially responsible for damage you accidentally caused to the property caused by fire, water damage, explosion, falling objects, civil unrest and smoke for up to $100,000. This is provided to you without applications, credit checks, or billing.

$1M Identity Protection. Benefit:  You have access to the identity theft protection service, details of which can be found at https://www.identityguard.com.

 Air Filter Delivery. Benefit: High quality air filters will be delivered timely and straight to your home. No more trying to remember to pick one up from the store. We will send you the appropriate size and if your home requires more than one filter, don’t worry, we’ve got that one covered, too, at no additional cost. The biggest benefit, when filters are changed regularly, utility savings can be as big as 15%! That’s huge! Let us know if you have a medical need for special allergen filters.

 Regular Property Visits. Benefit: Twice per year we will schedule a visit to your home to check on the property to ensure we identify any deficiencies or issues that need attention.

 Home Buying Assistance. Benefit: We can help you find and purchase your next home! We are licensed Realtors® in AZ, and we have an excellent record of helping buyers and sellers with any and all real estate transactions. We can guide you through the home buying process, including finding the right lender to get you qualified, and of course finding the perfect home for you! We know the best professionals in town to assist with your loan, home inspections, and any repairs that may be necessary. Many of our owners are also willing to consider selling you the home that you are renting now!

 Vetted Vendors. Benefit: You can count on our team of professional maintenance vendors and contractors to handle repairs Qwikly! All of our vendors have been through a background check, have licenses as needed, and are either bonded or insured. They will communicate directly with you when there is a repair issue, and you’ll know exactly who is going to be coming into your home. As you can see from our online reviews, our handymen and contractors bring us some of our very best reviews!

Utility Concierge Service. Benefit: This service aids you in utility, cable, internet, and other relevant service(s) activation. You maintain the right to facilitate your own service activations. 

Resident RewardsBenefit: You have access to a rewards program that can be accessed online and is activated at your discretion through use of a mobile application. You can get cash, gift cards, and exclusive discounts for paying your rent on time.

Application Process

Browse through our Available Properties and click “Apply Now” to get started.

When you rent from HomeQwik Property Management, you will enjoy working with our staff of qualified professionals.

Ready to reach out about one of our homes for rent? Contact our leasing agents for any questions you might have. Email HomeQwik or call directly at (602) 792-5353.

What People Are Saying

"Noel Pulanco is professional and very knowledgeable. We have worked with him for many years from managing properties and now as our realtor. We appreciate his patience while we looked for our new home. I highly recommend working with Noel.

By far the best group of professionals we have ever worked with! Noel Pulanco’s extensive knowledge of the market, experience and customer service attitude made us feel reassured that we were placing one of our most important investments in the right hands."

- Leila Worthington

"Thank you Noel, Jason & Ran for going above and beyond and getting our rental property rented and off the market within days (literally) and for answering our questions sometimes in the middle of the night and even on weekends. Usually I try to find something that a company can improve on, however in this case I’m afraid Homeqwik has exceeded all my expectations.

The only regret I have is not getting in contact with Noel and his team any sooner. We had previously attempted to manage our rental on our own and it was a nightmare. Now I feel like we can BREATHE and sleep at night knowing Homeqwik has everything under control. Thank you!!!"

- R Velasco

"HomeQwik has performed as advertised. They are responsive. They understand the phrase "time is of the essence" in turning your property around during tenant turnover. They are honest in their assessments. Very happy with HomeQwik."

- Julia Ward

"We are so happy with Noel. Everything is taken care of. All my emails and calls are returned promptly. I feel my property is well cared for."

- Andy Ritan

"HomeQwik is a very thorough company. I've seen multiple of their property inspection reports, and they really know how to document the condition of the property over the long term."

- Andrew Wallace

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