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The company you choose for Scottsdale property management plays a major role in the success you have as a real estate investor. At HomeQwik, we invest in rental properties too, and we understand the unique challenges and anxieties of local landlords. Our systems match your pain points. We’ve been through everything that you are going through, and we’ve designed some procedures to make the management of your home more efficient and less stressful.  

The talented team at HomeQwik has a lot of personal and professional experience in property management and real estate. When you work with us, you can benefit from dedicated property managers and proactive leasing agents. All of us are committed to customer service and successful rental experiences. We believe in Qwik responses and total transparency.

Owner Services

Investment Homes: Maximizing Your Earnings

Earning as much rent as possible on your Scottsdale rental home is an important part of your investment strategy.

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The amount you charge always depends on the neighborhood your property is in, its condition, and the strength of the current rental market. Even the time of year that you’re listing it can impact your property’s rental price.

Your rental income will be completely dependent on the market and your competition. It doesn’t matter how much your monthly mortgage payment happens to be, and it doesn’t matter what your brother rented his house for last year.

Vacancy is expensive, and we want to get your home rented quickly to the best possible tenants in the shortest amount of time. So, we’ll make sure your price is competitive without leaving any money on the table.

We are here to advise you on how to make your property the best, and how to price it right. If you follow our lead, your vacancies will be very short, and that means more money in your pocket.

We price properties all over Scottsdale, including neighborhoods like McCormick Ranch Gainey Ranch, and Downtown Scottsdale.

Rental Property Maintenance: Protecting Your Asset

There isn’t a rental property owner around who enjoys spending money on maintenance and repairs.

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However, every property requires maintenance, and there are several good reasons to keep your home well-maintained. Preventative maintenance techniques will preserve the condition of your property and keep your overall maintenance expenses lower. After all, no repair ever got cheaper with time.

Another good reason to invest in maintenance is that it keeps your tenants happy. When you’re responsive to their repair requests, they trust that you care about the property, and that means they are more likely to care about the property. They’re also more likely to renew their lease.

Our steps to great maintenance include:

✓ Maintenance budgeting and planning. ✓ Online and documented repair requests from tenants. ✓ Tenant communication and responsiveness. ✓ Lower repair costs. ✓ Vendor relationships resulting in better work for affordable prices.

We maintain rental homes all over Scottsdale, including neighborhoods like Paradises Valley and North Scottsdale.

We work in other neighborhoods too, so let us know where you are, and we’ll tell you how to maintain your rental property.

Tenant Guarantee: HomeQwik Property Management

You need a Scottsdale property management company that will stand behind their work and keep their promises.

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That’s not always easy to find, but it’s exactly what we do at HomeQwik. Our team values transparency and accountability, and we’re a company you can trust.

Find out how we stand behind our tenants with a 6 MONTH TENANT GUARANTEE!

If we place a tenant and that tenant vacates your home within six months of the lease, we take responsibility. You can count on us to find, screen, and place a new tenant and sign a new lease without any marketing fees. You won’t pay us any management fees until the new lease is signed.

This is part of the unparalleled service we will always provide.

Property management in Scottsdale zip codes 85054, 85250, 85251, 85252, 85253, and the surrounding areas.

Choose the Best Price For You

Leasing Only Service Full Service Management Gold Standard
Leasing Fee is 70% of 1 Month's Rent Leasing Fee is 1/2 of 1 Month's Rent Leasing Fee is 1/2 of 1 Month's Rent
No Monthly Fee
0% /month
Monthly Management Fee
7% /month
Monthly Management Fee
9% /month
Rental Analysis
Rental Analysis
  Listing & Marketing
Listing & Marketing
  Tenant Screening & Placement
Tenant Screening & Placement
  Lease Preparation
Lease Preparation
  Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting
  Rent Collection
Rent Collection
  Move-out Inspections
Move-out Inspections
  Serving Notices
Serving Notices
  Tenant Correspondence
Tenant Correspondence
  Handling Security Deposits
Handling Security Deposits
  24/7 Emergency Line
24/7 Emergency Line
  Eviction Coordination
Eviction Coordination
  Annual Inspections
Annual Inspections $100 initial, $50 per additional
  Annual Admin Fee
Annual Admin Fee $60
  Annual FTB Compliance Fee
Annual FTB Compliance Fee $125
  Owner Requested Inspections
Owner Requested Inspections $50
  Lease Extension
Lease Extension $100 $100
  Close Out File
Close Out File $300 $150
  New Property with Existing Tenant
New Property with Existing Tenant $500 $250
  Santa Cruz City Inspection
Santa Cruz City Inspection $100 initial, $50 per additional $50
  Maintenance Coordination
Maintenance Coordination 10% 10% 10% ($500 cap)

Work with HomeQwik and Earn More

We work quickly. We’re ready to list your home as soon as we’ve talked to you and evaluated the property. Access our online forms, where we make it easy to get the ball rolling, Qwik!

Contact us when you’re looking for property management in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions from Owners

Do I Really Need a Property Manager?

It depends on how experienced you are, and how much time/money you can invest while you learn. On the surface, managing a rental property seems like a pretty simple proposition. When you really get into all the ‘little’ things that can happen with a home and a tenant, and the laws that govern how you work with both, it is more than most people can handle well. That’s why very few people manage their own rental homes long term. Most people handling a rental home for the first time will end up going with a property management company, or let frustration push them out of real estate investing entirely. How much does it cost you every day to have your property sit vacant? If you don’t know you should figure it out. Rent/30 is the cost of each vacant day while your busy life commitments push the rental to the back burner. Most people can’t afford NOT to hire a professional property manager.

Unless you have a solid background in property management, your most expensive choice will probably be to ‘save some money’ and manage the home yourself. Unless you are very good at pricing your rental, running an ad, taking calls, and negotiating a lease, it is easy to add a month or two to each vacancy. You may lease the house for less than it is worth, or settle for a tenant you can’t properly screen. Unless you are experienced with managing the tenant, it is easy to have a simple 30 day eviction turn into 60 days or more of lost income. With a regular full time job taking your time, even seasoned experts can rarely manage their own rental home efficiently enough to save money over a professional property management company. Those extra vacant months quickly cost you more than Management fees ever will.

What Types of Rental Properties Can HomeQwik Handle?

We are perfectly happy managing a wide variety of single family homes, townhomes, or condos. We specialize in middle to upper middle income single family rental homes and townhomes.

Areas We Serve

Since 2013, HomeQwik has served property owners and investors by providing expertise in the areas of residential property management, property leasing, and real estate sales.

HomeQwik has managed privately owned single family homes, town-homes, condos and apartment complexes throughout the greater Phoenix area, which covers:

  • Phoenix
  • Glendale
  • Scottsdale
  • Litchfield Park
  • Surprise
  • Peoria
  • Goodyear
  • Avondale
  • Anthem
  • Chandler
  • Tempe
  • Gilbert
  • Mesa
  • Paradise Valley
  • Sun City


Free Rental Analysis

Our rental analysis process is detailed and accurate. The result is a property that’s prices competitively and correctly.

The experienced leasing agents at HomeQwik will provide a complimentary assessment of your home’s rental value. We know the market and we know what tenants want. We’re here to help you earn more and spend less on your investment property.

Almost a year with this company and so far the services I have received from the Equity group is exceptional. They are quick and professional with maintenance request and always fix any issue that i have had. Definitely recommend!



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