On our blog series today, we want to provide a few reasons for why we think HomeQwik is the best property management company in town and why you should take a look at us when you’re looking for a property manager to work with your rental home.


We are at the forefront of technology when it comes to property management. We utilize the best software available and we do a lot of videos. We take move in and move out videos as well as marketing videos. There are great systems in place to make sure we are taking advantage of all the available technology to manage your home.

Choose HomeQwikFull Service Realty

We are a full service realty company. This means we not only help investors find, buy and sell investment properties, we also manage them. We are going to make sure that a property will perform well before we recommend that you buy it. Be careful of using real estate agents who do not manage or own investment properties. You’ll want to know how it is going to perform and what the neighborhoods are doing. We are experts. Over the last nine years, we have managed thousands of properties and we can help you pick the right one.

Response Time

As you can tell from the name of our company, we pride ourselves in our quick response times and our excellent communication. We know the number one complaint of people who call us after working with other property management companies is that they don’t feel like they can reach their manager. There is no excuse for poor communication and we take every step we can to ensure you’ll hear back from us the same day. If it’s an emergency, we’ll respond immediately.

Local Service

We are a locally owned and operated company and we are also a family owned business. We have been in Arizona our entire lives and we’ve been doing property management for almost 10 years. We know the market. We’ve lived in this market and we buy, own and sell in this market. If you’re looking for someone in the greater Phoenix area with local expertise, we’re the right choice for you.

These are just a few of the many reasons you should consider working with us. If you have any questions, or you’d like to hear more about our services, please contact us at HomeQwik.