Expert Property Services

Looking for a top notch Glendale, AZ property manager? Come to the expert Glendale Property Management team. Here at HomeQwik we offer a full service management experience. We’ll save you the headaches, stress and worries that trying to rent or lease your property usually causes. We take care of your needs by offering the following Glendale property management services:

Full Service Monthly Management:  We collect the rent, ensure that tenants are in compliance with their lease, send monthly accounting statements, and offer a free move-in and move-out video. This service documents on video the condition of your property immediately before a tenant moves in and immediately after move. This saves time, money and uncomfortable situations for everyone!

Robust Marketing Campaign: Included in this service you’ll get advertising on many of the webs most reputable home rental sites. You’ll also get a comprehensive marketing video taken at your property to highlight all of its notable features. We get hundreds of tenant leads every month!

Tenant Applications and Screening: We handle the complete process from beginning to end. We’ll process the applications, do a thorough screening to ensure that you get only the best clients possible.

Maintenance: This is a big one. Nothing can be more annoying than getting that phone call at the most inopportune time with a tenant letting you know something is broken. We’ll take these phone calls, process the work orders, and get the work done in a timely and efficient manner.

All of the services and more are offered with the care of the owner in mind. As an expert Glendale property management company, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure a successful and stress free experience.