Today we are talking briefly about military tenants and why they’re good, what to look out for and what to know. We love our military and we always advise our owners to take members of the military as tenants. In our experience, they make excellent renters and we enjoy having them as residents.


When your military tenants tell you that they have received their orders and they need to move, you have to let them go. This is the only type of tenant who can legally void their lease and move out early without penalty. If they get their orders, you have to allow them to break their lease. That doesn’t mean they are allowed to void the other responsibilities of their lease. They still need to clean the property and do everything they are responsible for prior to move out in order to get their deposit back. This might include having the carpets professionally cleaned or turning the keys in properly. Proper notice still has to be given. You should get immediate notice when your military tenant gets orders. That will help you plan their move out process. If the lease requires them to help you show the home, they still need to do that. The lease requirements don’t change, they simply get out of it early.


Got My Order, Now What How to Handle Military Tenants in PhoenixBe ready to market the home. In the last couple of weeks, some military members get a little extra time off. See if they can help you show the property so that you have a tenant who is ready to move in once the military tenant leaves. Work with them and make sure you have a good relationship in place. Get your signs up and your ads listed so you’re ready to go.

We support our military, and knowing what to do when they get orders to leave will help you support them too. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at HomeQwik Property Management, and we’d be happy to tell you more.