If you’re a DIY landlord, managing your rental property maintenance can be a headache. We have some advice as a Phoenix property management company that may help you better manage your property. If you find that the rental home maintenance is just too much to handle, you could hire someone like us.

DIY Maintenance vs. Professional Property Management in Phoenix, AZ

As an owner, you always think you can get repair work done cheaper, and as property managers, we always think we can get it done better. Somewhere in between is where we usually end up. If you go to Home Depot and grab someone out of the parking lot and rent a machine, you can get your carpet cleaned cheaper than I can get it done for you. But, I have rules and standards that I need to pay attention to. I have to work with professionals who are licensed, I have to make sure they do a good job, and I have to make sure it’s done at a fair price so you continue to trust me.

Costs and Vendors

Be careful about cutting corners when hiring vendors. Make sure they are trusted – did you get a referral from someone? Have you used them before? Have you seen the work they’ve done? Remember that property managers cannot do maintenance for free. A lot of property managers will add a mark-up to the cost, but that’s fair. We have vetted these vendors, we have worked with them, we make them guarantee their work, and we shop them against the other vendors we are using to make sure you’re getting the best deal. It may cost a little more to have us do it, an image of noel polanco of homeqwikbut remember that when you’re not at the house, you have to pay someone else to do the work. Just getting someone to show up at your house is a $50 – $75 trip charge, and then there are parts and labor to consider. Factor that into your planning.

Property managers have access to a lot of vendors who do good work. If you have any questions about maintenance costs or Phoenix property management, please contact us at HomeQwik.