It could be possible to conduct a tenant eviction without going to court. to go to court, hire an attorney, file a judgement, and do all those things. Today, we’re talking about tenant eviction and what to expect when you’re evicting a tenant.

5 Day Notice

If your tenant is in breach of the lease, the first thing you have to do is send a 5 Day Notice. This gives the tenants an opportunity to catch up on rent or move out of the house and return the keys. Send that notice and if they don’t comply, you need to move onto the court process. Luckily, the eviction process in Phoenix, AZ takes only about 30 days.

10 Day Breach Notice

You could also deliver a 10 Day Breach for health and safety reasons. If you find the tenants are doing something at the home that’s criminal or a health violation, you can give them a 10 Day Notice to correct their actions or move out. This is most often used when you have tenants who are running a drug lab or incurring a safety violation.

Obtaining a Judgment

These are two specific ways to get the process started. It’s an opportunity to move along the eviction process. You can avoid an eviction in court and get the tenants out before that, but the best way is to get the judgment against them, and file the eviction in court. Once they turn over the keys, you can get the house back. If they leave on their own without giving you the keys back, you need to post an abandonment notice before getting the house back.

If you are doing this on your own, get some good advice from someone who knows how to do it and can get through the process. A company like ours providing property management in Phoenix, AZ can help. You’ll need the forms and the legal advice and the experience.

an image of noel polanco of homeqwikThis is not a happy subject, but it’s something you need to know about. If you have any questions about tenant eviction or anything pertaining to Phoenix property management, please contact us at HomeQwik.