Scorpion prevention in Arizona rental homes is important in many areas. I have been here since 1983, and I never saw a scorpion in my house until five years ago when I moved to a new neighborhood. Scorpions are very territorial and they will only be in certain areas of the valley. If you happen to have a property in a place where there are scorpions, you’re always going to have them there – you can’t eliminate them. They won’t move and you can’t kill the whole nest. But there are things you can do to prevent having scorpions in active numbers on your property. We have three tips on how to prevent scorpions.

Pest Control

The best thing you can do on a continual basis is pest control. If you kill their food, they’ll move onto the next house and stay there. So, get your house regularly sprayed. This can be part of your property management in Phoenix, AZ, or you can require your tenants to do it. If you kill the crickets, the scorpions won’t stay around.

Scorpion Sealant

There are also sealants you can use. A specific scorpion sealant is available to keep them from having access to your property, near the ground. Scorpions can get through a hole that’s as thin as a credit card. The sealant will get all the holes, cracks, and slivers in your house. This is a bit more expensive but it works really well. I’ve had it done at my house.

Standing Water

Watch for standing water. Scorpions want water, and if you have an area of your yard that puddles or you have a hot tub that leaks or pool equipment dripping, they will be attracted an image of noel polanco of homeqwikto it. Everyone has drip systems in their landscaping, but that’s not as dangerous as standing water.

You want to protect your house and your tenants, and scorpions need to be disclosed if you know about them. Prevent them from being as active in your house with these hints. If you have any questions about how to deal with scorpions or Phoenix property management, please contact us at HomeQwik.