Phoenix HeatLiving in Arizona, especially the Phoenix area, it can be extremely difficult to keep your rentals cool during the infamous summer heat. For those who aren’t used to living the valley of the sun, it can be brutal. Exceedingly hot temperatures can be quite dangerous for many individuals, especially young ones and the elderly. Many owners of rental properties with out central air conditioning struggle to come up with ideas to cool their places down. Here are few tips for landlords and renters from Scottsdale Property Management that will help you cool down your rentals and keep everyone happy.

Window Air Conditioning

If your home is lacking central air, install at least one window air conditioner. If you can’t afford to install central air, or it’s just not possible, this is your next best option. In the sweltering summer heat, giving your renters at least one cool room to go to will give you peace of mind and keep them happy.

Install a Window Insulator

Now this may not be the prettiest option, but it does help reflect the suns overbearing rays. Go down to your local hardware store and pick up some rigid insulation, preferably with a silver reflective film on one side. At home, measure all of the windows you want to cover and cut up your insulator accordingly. Place the foam barrier in your window with the reflective surface facing out and voila! You’ve got yourself some heat protection.

Keep Window Screens In Good Shape

Opening up the windows and using fans is a great way to get some good air flow moving. Nothing is worse than stagnant, stale, and HOT air. If you are trying to be cost conscious and not run that AC too much, this is a decent option. Having good screens will prevent many unwanted insects and pests from coming inside.

Install Energy-Efficient Appliances

This one is simple. When an appliance uses less energy to run, it gives off less heat. Less heat from the appliance equals less heat in your home! Easy right?

Get Creative!

  • When you’re home, keep a squirt bottle with ice cold water next to you at all times. Constantly spraying yourself will help keep you cool.
  • Fan and a bowl of iceSet up your own makeshift AC. This is another tip for you cost conscious renters out there. Get a large shallow pan, or bucket and fill it up with ice. Then place that container of ice directly in front of a fan and blow it right at you. The ice-cooled air will be noticeably cooler than the room air for the amount of time it takes for the ice to melt — which might be as long as it takes  you to fall asleep.
  • Wear cold, wet clothes like socks or t-shirts.

Staying cool in the impossibly hot Arizona summer is no easy task. However if you take some of these tips and tricks into consideration from Scottsdale Property Management to keep yourself comfortable, your summer times in Arizona will be significantly easier.