The best way to learn what your Arizona Rental Property will rent for is to to do a Rental Analysis based on similar properties in the neighborhood. You can call us now for a Free Rental Analysis! Use websites such as, and Craigslist to find properties that are similar to your rental and notice the price trends. Take notice of differences in each unit such as:

  • Upgrades (if any)
  • Room Size
  • Yard Size
  • Addition Features

Look for how long each property has been on the market. This will help you determine if your price is too high or low. Once you find properties like yours, you can use these to find your starting price. If you can’t find similar properties, you will have to do a little math and deduct (or add) rent based on the difference in features and/or benefits.

Many rental management companies will meet you at your property and give you an onsite rental analysis. HomeQwik is no different! A good property management firm will also have the information on your neighborhood and properties similar to yours. Our goal is to provide you, the owner, with the information needed to make a great business decision concerning your property.